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Are you an immigration consultant or an immigration lawyer with clients seeking to immigrate to Canada through the Provincial Nominee Program? We have experience with the Regional Business, Strategic Projects and Business Skills streams, and our business plans have helped many immigration applicants create new businesses, take over existing companies, and start franchises.

You and your clients are investing a lot of money in their application and the business investment. Hundreds of thousands of dollars! Do your clients want the cheapest plan or a plan that works? Not only must the plan have a certain format, it must be believable. Many business plans that are submitted to the BC PNP office are not of good quality. Why would you risk the application being rejected? Make sure that you submit a professional quality PNP business plan that meets the strict provincial standards.

Our PNP business plans form an essential part of a successful Investor Class application, and you can be confident that we have the expertise in research, strategy and finance to do the best possible work for your clients.

Packages are available for all BC PNP nominee programs. All PNP business plans include 3 years of financial forecasts (including monthly cash flow and opening balance sheet) and follow the Province’s guidelines. We can also package the BC PNP plan with a complete business website, corporate brochures and other marketing related documents so your clients can demonstrate that their business has been well thought out and is ready to go.

Ask about our referral program – you can earn incentives for sending us new business.

Our price for BC PNP Business Plans ranges from $1,500-$2,500. (A business website and additional marketing documents can be prepared with this package at discounted rates).

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Our PNP Business Plans include the following:

Required Information:

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Business Overview
  3. Company and Ownership Structure
  4. Management Structure
  5. Operations
  6. Staffing
  7. Market Analysis
  8. Financial Analysis
  9. Investment Schedule
  10. Governing Laws, Regulations and Licensing
  11. Risk Management

Additional Information:

  1. References
  2. 3 year pro-forma Financial Statements including balance sheets, income statements and cash flow statement with appropriate notes on assumptions
  3. Resumes of the Applicant(s) and of Key Staff and local partner(s) if applicable
  4. Other Supporting Documentation such as business purchase agreements (MOUs), franchise agreements, shareholder(s) agreement, etc. If purchase of an existing business (partial or whole) - relevant documents such as financial statements, fair market value, share registry, purchase agreement etc.


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